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Asset summary

A “private label” perfume site for young women inspired by scents from leading brands in the world, with an emphasis on prime product quality and an equal price for everyone. The site has strong branding on social networks, influencers, high involvement among community members, a solid product design and personal and fast customer service. The store conducted a thorough market research that characterizes the target audience and makes sure we funnel our marketing efforts to the right audience.

Creation of the Asset: January 25, 2021
Property condition: מכירה
In-depth market research has been conducted

A unique and interesting niche with a social agenda

Collaborate with a number of influencers
Work and skills required
Management of an ecommerce system.

Practical or professional knowledge in FB PPC.
Support and guidance after the transaction
The seller will accompany the buyer in the transferring process.
The seller will link the buyer to all the suppliers, network influencers and freelancers with whom he works regularly.
Reason for sale
The seller moved on to establishing worldwide stores with an emphasis on Europe and the UAE.
נכס מסוג אמזון
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530,000.00 ₪
נכס מסוג ערוץ יוטיוב
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370,000.00 ₪
חנות מבוססת שופייפי
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Monthly net profit
11,250.00 ₪
תוכנה או בית תוכנה למכירה
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3,400,000.00 ₪