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600,000.00 ₪
Property price
300,000.00 ₪
Yearly net profit
Asset summary

Selling an active business in Amazon USA

Have you ever wondered what it is like to sell the best-selling product in the world for 2020?

You no longer have to think or dream about it, because now you have the opportunity to sell it and see for yourself!

Active store since 2015

Active in US, Canada and Mexico arenas (additional arenas can be opened)

The store in the field of headphones and TRUE WIRELESS HEADPHONES

Quantity of products – 6

There is a brand / trademark – yes

The store also has a website for the brand that is included

Email Lists – 18000


Total sales in the account – over $ 9,000,000 

Total sales in 2020 – over $ 450,000

Amount of feedback – 4484 (4.8)

The account is active, in PROFFESIONAL mode.

Health account  – good

Reliable Chinese supplier, working with him for several years, takes care of the product from A to Z. (Packaging, Product, Printing, Stickers, and Shipping)

The business is profitable and always has been. Yes, that’s right, it used to be more lucrative, but here’s exactly where you’re supposed to come in.

The products are fully branded and are also suitable for sale in the various retail chains and other online stores.

You can add/change models all the time (new models are constantly coming out in this field)

Very low storage fees-

This is a product with a simple psychic search scope with hundreds and thousands of keywords relevant to promotion.

Keep in mind that the whole field of mobile devices is also going in this direction, eliminating wired headphone connection options, eliminating a 3.5MM socket, in almost all new devices only further increases the demand for wireless headphones.

With this type of product, it is possible and relatively easy to compete with the world’s leading switches due to the huge price differences.

Will also be very suitable for the Walmart and eBay platform for those who also have stores there or are interested in penetrating there.

Work and skills required
For experienced sellers who already know Amazon, those who are already in the category and want to develop and/or develop another brand, those who want to enter a new field with a minimum of effort and investment. It is important to note that this is a category that is the hottest right now in the world and not just on Amazon, and it is considered very profitable for those who succeed in it.

The store is also suitable for those who want to take and develop the brand through other channels such as a website, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

The products have been almost without PPC for a very long time and even as a neighbor, it was very basic and in low amounts. Anyone who knows how to promote a product and do good PPC can easily take this business to another place in no time!
Support and guidance after the transaction
They will assist the happy buyer in the transfer process, accompany him and introduce him to the supplier / suppliers, ways of contact and in general the way in which he has worked in recent years.
Reason for sale
The sellers run a number of successful businesses on and off Amazon and are interested in promoting projects in other areas.
Creation of the business: January 1, 2015
Creation of the Asset: February 21, 2021
Property condition: ממתין למכירה

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Yearly net profit
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