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85,000.00 $
Property price
45,000.00 $
Annual net profit
Asset summary


This is an excellent kid’s toy store offering over collections of highly demanded toys for kids. As a Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) store, our products are being stored in Amazons fulfillment centers, and the e-commerce giant picks, sorts, packs, ships, tracks and handles orders for the products. This reduces the business operations & help to focus more on other aspects of the business. In just 12 months, this store generated over $45,000 in profit from organic traffic on Amazon without any external promotion. Also, the products are of high profit margin, giving 45% profit after deduction of all expenses.
In addition, this store has a lot of positive social proofs that lends credibility and authority to it.

Many customers who had purchased the products left a 5-star review. This lends authority to the store and you can ride on it to kill more sales like there is no tomorrow!
More so, owing to the positive market trend and projections for the toy market, you can be sure that this is store has a high potential to generate huge passive income. According to data obtained from the TIA, the global toy market is valued at $84.1B USD. In the US, the industry’s annual total economic impact is calculated at $76.71 billion. Over 3 billion units of toys is reportedly sold every year in the US; generating an estimated $22 billion. Statista also projected the global Toys and Games market to exceed US $135 billion by 2020. This show it’s a promising market that will continue to trend higher, so BIN!
Therefore, this store allow you to capitalize on one of the hottest and less- competitive market in the global ecommerce industry. This is your opportunity to grab this offer now to start earning huge income online. Act now and grab this offer before someone else does!

How does your business make money?

This business model is very simple! Goods are ordered from the supplier and later imported to the US via a freight forwarder. Goods are then stored at a local warehouse in the US, which will then be shipped to Amazon warehouse via Amazons partner domestic shipping companies. When customers place retail orders on Amazon, they are fulfilled by them. It’s as simple as this. I’m willing to help with the providing you with the supplier’s contact and guide you through the importing process for up to 6 months transition.

Fact: Global toy sales reached $90.7 billion in 2019, posting a 0.5% growth over 2018. (Toy Association).

Fact: U.S. market size for the total toy industry is approximately $27 billion. (Toy Association)

Fact: North American families spent around 306 U.S. dollars on toys per child in 2018, a number that looks set to increase if sales revenues continue to grow. (Statista)

Fact: The toy industry’s annual total economic impact in the United States was 97.2 billion U.S. dollars. (Statista)

Why are you selling this business?

The seller has other businesses she needs to put her focus on.

Who would this business be perfect for?

This business is perfect for people who are familiar with the Fulfill by Amazon business model or would like to get into the FBA .business, and interested in tapping into the toy sales market
This is also for an entrepreneur ready to tap into the multibillion dollars toy market. Owning an increase in birth rate globally, the toy market is expected to spur. According to a report by Brandongaille, the average spending per child in the toy industry in Europe and America is $121 and $71 USD respectively. As long as there are children, you can be sure that this market can never turn to be a fad. There is no guess work here, this is a highly profitable product store that guarantees a significant upside. Parents are sparing no expense to get toys for their kids, so grab this store now!
Also, the opportunity is expansive for a tech-savvy buyer that can leverage on lean marketing tactics such as Facebook ads, Google ads, etc. We will provide all the necessary information to keep the website up to date and highly competitive. Act now before someone else does!
Great SEO content for each of the products, our website takes all data available for all SEO: title, and full products descriptions. So we have already done all of the hard work in fetching the best keywords for you and optimizing this site around those particular keywords. This site is also targeted around not just one, but a number of keywords to receive massive traffic from Google, and make HUGE bucks in sales. So you will be getting interested and repeated organic visitors to the site.
The operational requirements include:
– Packing and orders Management: although, this is handled by Amazon, the new owner still would need to ship good from a local warehouse to Amazon warehouses. – Customer Support / Service
– Update products (put new products, collections)
– Store Maintenance
– Marketing
This business is already making a substantial amount of money however you can improve on the earning by harnessing lean marketing tactics like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google ads etc. You will be stunned at how many sales you will get with the extra promotional effort.
The buyer will get the following:
* High-profit margin Products
* Established relationship with the supplier
* Steady, independent passive income due to the nature of FBA
* All products have a high-profit margin
* Suppliers and Shipping Partners Information
* User-friendly backend
* Full Rights to the Business, Code, Graphics
* Marketing Support; You`ll Get Our Marketing Strategies.
So GRAB IT NOW before someone else snatches it!

Work and skills required
The buyer needs to have experience in Amazon FBA or have a third party that has the experience to run the business.
Support and guidance after the transaction
The seller will provide full post-sale support in order to keep the business running and growing.
Reason for sale
The seller has another business she wants to focus on.
Creation of the business: January 1, 2018
Creation of the Asset: May 18, 2021
Property condition: נמכר

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