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370,000.00 ₪
Property price
Asset summary

The channel was founded out of love for Apple and technology 7 years ago (2013), the owner is a 3D designer and 3D videos are the channel’s main content. The videos are based on information from the web and were built in 3D to predict product visibility.

Many leading technology sites in the world follow the channel and publish videos of it.

The channel is the largest in its field in the world, with over 390,000 followers and over 190,000,000 million views.

No traffic was ever bought on the channel, 100% organic from searches / followers and shares.

Creation of the business: May 1, 2013
Creation of the Asset: January 25, 2021
Property condition: מכירה
Work and skills required
The buyer needs to know how to turn a movement of hundreds of thousands of "fans" of Apple into money and perhaps introduce new product launches to the "Early Adopters".

A potential buyer will have the financial ability to continue producing 3D videos for a high-end website, that will cost significantly less with a permanent employee than investing in sponsored advertising.
Social networking channels
Support and guidance after the transaction
The seller will accompany and guide the buyer in everything related to the operation of the page and will even link the buyer to the team that creates the 3D videos.
Reason for sale
After 7 years of activity, the seller got busy with new projects and is looking to transfer the reins to someone who will take the channel further.


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