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3,600,000.00 ₪
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900,000.00 ₪
Annual net profit
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Satisfying Profits – Quality Authentic All-Natural Supplements

An inspirational store, with net profit of over 276K$ for the past 12 months – waiting for you to grab the steering wheel!

What does your business do?

The story of our business is a love story – our shared love for health and wellness, and for each other. We created our business as a husband and wife, inspired by a fascinating honeymoon journey across Asia, 3 years ago.
Ever since we can remember ourselves, we have been deeply interested in healthy lifestyles. We both had careers to match our passion for wellness, as a certified nutritionist and a yoga instructor. Our shared passion is part of what originally brought .us together
For the past 8 years, we have worked together as a team, selling natural beauty products, with the vision of providing men and women worldwide with clean, herbal alternatives for the health and overall wellness of the body. Instead of any harmful chemicals and artificial ingredients, we trust what nature provides us- all the resources we need to gain premium results. Our mission is the education of people regarding the natural alternatives while giving high quality herbal products they can trust.
After we got married, we planned a honeymoon to Asia.  In the magic and joy of our honeymoon, we discovered all the benefits of herbal medicine for the first time.  We came to a realization that enormous amounts of knowledge about natural herbal remedies is seriously lacking in other parts of the world.  So much of the world is fixated on modern medicine and

science, forgetting so many natural, effective solutions that have already existed centuries ago.
Our special and unorthodox honeymoon was full of visits to renowned gurus and doctors of alternative medicine, to acquire as much knowledge as we could about natural herbs and supplements. We stayed in villages of people who grew and used natural herbs in their daily lives, to see firsthand how they created and used their medicine. The magnitude of centuries of knowledge available fascinated as so much that we decided to extend our honeymoon in Asia for 9 months – in which we traveled various countries to learn about each country’s local herbal medicines, including India, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos.

The effectiveness of herbal alternatives was so inspiring to us, that it inspired us to begin crafting our own unique formulations of herbal supplement that we dreamed to share with the world. To ensure all the herbs and spices used in the production were fresh and locally grown in Asia, we created partnerships with local plantations and tracked down several factories able to process the herbs collected and produce the potent formulas required for our special products.
This is how we decided to create our very own line, Herbal Revival, our own unique formulations created with premium all natural herbs and spices directly from different regions in Asia, with the special ingredient of love.
All of our products are organic GMP and ISO approved supplements made in Thailand with natural ingredients only; some of them are for adults only. They sell remarkably well and receive incredibly positive reviews (more on that later), and the clients always keep coming back for more.
Our brands – are sold separately in two Amazon stores (Herbal Revival and Herbal Fantasy) and also in a shared website

It sure has been a long and complex journey to achieve the finest capsule composition – but eventually, our dream of Herbal Revival became an international brand that offers the best herbal supplements and skincare products, and continues to expand into other areas of natural herbal health and wellness to this day.

How does your business make money?
The store utilized all the wisdom and benefits of the products and the platform, creating a top-tier business.
Our business is aiming for a very specific and strong niche – food supplements either for dietary/health reasons or sport-related reasons. With today’s growing health trends and the awakening and rising awareness to nutrition, this niche is swiftly growing to significant proportions, and a lot of directions to develop it constantly arise.
Currently, we only sell 12 products in Amazon. The line is impatiently waiting to be expanded to dozens and hundreds of more products. There must be a variety of countless more supplements we have not created yet that begs to be invented and brought to the public.
Another aspect of our safe and steady profit comes from our loyal customers who return to us time and time again for their favorite supplements, and we already have a mailing list of 1,400 clients… and counting.
Other factors that make our store profitable are the following benefits: significantly low storage costs; one reserve-free account; and a great vendor with whom we have good, convenient, efficient and quick communication.
The success of our stores are mirrored in our feedbacks and rating:
Herbal Revival – 275 feedbacks and 4.7 stars rating.
Herbal Fantasy – 732 feedbacks and 4.7 stars rating.

How does the purchasing and order fulfillment process work?
We have approximately 1 or 2 sales per day in our site, organic. The purchasing is fairly simple – all the customers need to do is make a direct order from the website.

Why are you selling this business?

After our amazing experience of self-fulfillment, living our calling and making money in the process – it is time for our special lovechild to be adopted.

This store is not just a store, not just a business – it is home for inspiration and positive change in the world. And of course, it goes without saying- it can actually make you rich in the process.

We are looking for the right person to inherit this magical store and breathe new life, new love and new future into it.

The main categories we sell are:
Dietary supplements (sub category)
Sports nutrition (sub category)
Topicals (sub category)

Work and skills required
What our store is waiting for is an eCommerce experts who can take a store, go back to basics, propel an eCommerce brand to new heights, while preserving the good communication with the vendor, the quality of the products, the satisfaction of the clients and of course maintaining the 1-2 daily sales. All of that can be done in merely 3 working hours a day. The orders from the supplier is a direct order, and stock order is made every few days, 200 units for each product. The herbal world is so incredibly wide and open, that it can always expand to more and more products and marketing funnels – which will surely increase traffic – which will dramatically increase sales. It's a challenging but rewarding field, and you've got some glamorous new shoes to fill!
Support and guidance after the transaction
The sellers will provide full post-sale support in order to keep the business running and growing.
Reason for sale
The sellers have other businesses they want to pursuit
Creation of the business: June 1, 2016
Creation of the Asset: May 18, 2021
Property condition: מכירה

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