Affiliate Program `Digital Assets up to 1.5% Commission

Want to make money with us?

Welcome to Trust The Brokers’ affiliate and referrals program. The program is simple and designed for anyone who wants to make money with us. If you’re wondering why we have an affiliate program, the answer is simple. Through our vast community of tens of thousands of members, we can reach any potential buyer easily and thus are willing to share our commission.

So, is this a referral or an affiliate program?

Often, for those who are unfamiliar with marketing jargon, the words affiliate program, referrals or affiliates sound like complicated concepts.

But really, it’s quite simple, results equal money. Affiliate programs use different models, the best-known model- CPA is measured by results or actions. In our case this means an executed transaction, so basically in our agency’s affiliate program, you’ll get money for executed transactions.

What do I actually need to do?

Very simply, we are looking for connections to potential buyers for specific properties or assets. The list of businesses we have available is on our site but the WhatsApp reseller community that is updated in real time is the most up-to-date resource, as are our occasional posts in the Facebook communities.


All we ask of our marketers who aren’t brokers, is to connect us with contacts relevant to the assets or business that we’ve advertised. The way to do this is to connect the relevant party with the broker who’s advertising the asset and who is listed under the referral in our internal system. In the case that the advertisement is in our WhatsApp group, Ohad Shapira our CEO will generally be the broker.


On Facebook:

Email: hello@trusthebrokers



And that’s it.


Your contact (the interested party) need only know general information about which asset is for sale, and to express interest in hearing more about it. From there, the broker of the asset will continue managing the process. We will update you only when there is a deal, but you are welcome to check the status of all your connections with us once a month.

In order to join our community of marketers, you must first fill out a short form so that we can get to know a little about you. This way we can contact you directly if we think there is a relevant asset that you can help us with.

Click here to fill out the form to join and you’ll immediately be invited to the WhatsApp group, which we recommend joining in order to receive regular updates.

What are the terms of the affiliate program?

The terms are very simple, in exchange for the contact for a successful transaction, the affiliate or referrer will receive up to 1.5% of the business’s value. There is no limit to this sum, and if you take into account that a minimum transaction with us is 100,000 NIS then the cut is usually over 1500 NIS. In a larger deal of a million NIS the payment would be 15,000 NIS.

It is important to know that the broker fee is up to 15%. In the case of very large transactions of $1 million the broker fee is reduced to 10% of the transaction. The affiliate or referrer will receive 10% of the broker fee and usually the default will be 1.5% of the total deal.

The payment is sent to the affiliate after all of the money for the transaction has been received, and is made in one payment at the end of that same month for an invoice/receipt. If no receipt can be given because the affiliate doesn’t have a formally registered business then a BuyMe giftcard of up to 1000 NIS is offered instead.


  • In the 6-month period after we receive your lead, it is valid for one transaction only, even if the same contact buys another asset.
  • Referrals can be made to both buyer and seller and a double commission received.

Why are we interested in working together?

תוכנית שותפים Trust The Brokers

We strongly believe in this affiliate program, and are excited that it has become officially implemented. In the past, transactions like these were made without a plan, but simply by people who privately contacted buyers or sellers and were financially rewarded. Now we run a WhatsApp group specifically for this program for Q&A, and new assets for sale that don’t yet have buyers.

In the future, we’ll also offer unique tutorials, and the chance for our most successful affiliates to compete for a place in our agency as asset scouts.

For further questions feel free to contact us

Through Facebook:
Email: hello @trusthebrokers

You can also ask questions in posts about the program on the community’s page

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