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Selling or buying a digital asset is not a simple process. You need to find the relevant buyer / seller, filter dozens of people that are asking for information for business espionage, deal with irrelevant questions and more. The process of purchesing a digital asset is similar to the process of buying real estate property. Different factors are involved, each with its own character and sensitivity and in most cases, the seller has emotional sentiments for the property he’s selling, and one word said insensitively by the buyer or seller, can bring down a deal Immediately, even if this property is a perfect match for both parties. This is exactly where we come into the picture, working with people is our specialty, we know how to make the right connections and motivate all parties to pursue the deal in a pleasant way for everyone. So in the end, your chances of selling or buying a property with us, are tens of times higher than in an independent process.

Want to buy an asset?

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Our representatives are available to you in every possible communication channel, after a short conversation and characterization of needs, we can better understand what the intended budget is, what type of property is requested, whether it is a lead site or an ecommerce site, or an online community or Instagram page, etc. And from there move on to tailoring the asset to your needs.
Asset search
Once we have understood the exact budget and type of asset, we will try to tailor an asset for you from our shelf assets. Thanks to the collaborations we have with brokers from around the world, we have access to available assets from other brokers as well, so if an asset is found that meets your need we will connect you to our partner broker for the rest of the process.
Meeting the seller and execution of the transaction
Once we fount the right asset that meets your needs, we will connect with the owner via zoom so you can get to know each other more directly, in that conversation you can ask all the questions and get answers directly from the asset owner. After the call and if the asset meets your requirements, we will receive a quote from you for the purchase of the asset, enter a due diligence period in which it is your responsibility to inspect all aspects of theasset, and bridge gaps between you and the seller. We are committed to striving to close a deal as quickly and easily as possible, to your and the seller's satisfaction.
Purchasing a digital asset is always accompanied by concerns and can be a risky investment, but on the other hand the ROI is accordingly high. Buying an asset through our broker makes this complex process much simpler and minimizes risks significantly. When we are in the picture, you can rest assured that the assets went through a rigorous evaluation and performance tests and we vouch for it. Trust The Brokers for your peace of mind!
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Selling a digital asset

Valuation at no cost
Selling your digital property is a simple process when done by a professional and experienced team. After an initial conversation with a representative on our behalf, we will ask you to fill out the valuation document and add P&L (profit and loss statement) documents for the last two years. A team of analysts will go over the details and if necessary ask for more information to complete the valuation process, after a few days we will return with the estimated value for marketing, and if there is agreement we will move on to the next step.
Signing a brokerage agreement
Once you've approved the valuation and the price is agreed upon by all of us, we will send you our brokerage agreement for signing, the agreement includes exclusivity for brokerage for a period of six months and the brokerage percentage is 15% + VAT for a transaction of up to $ 1M.
Marketing your asset until finding a buyer and completing the deal
At this stage, we are advertising your property on all of our communication channels, and share it with our large pool of potential investors / buyers, and our goal is to get your asset to the most ideal buyer for you. We also work in partnership with brokers in the US, Europe and Asia so your asset gets potential exposure far beyond Israel’s borders. Once we have found a potential buyer who has received all the first details about the asset, we will schedule a zoom video meeting with you and the buyer during which, the buyer will ask all the relevant questions for him, and if there is a match, we will strive to close the deal as soon as possible. The last step is filling out the topology, signing the sale agreement and transferring the payment.



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We have a wide range of digital assets from Israel and the world, all the assets you see on the list have been personally tested and verified by us, a dedicated team of analysts has researched and examined all the assets and it's sellers so you can be sure of their quiality. Now all that's left is to make the connection!
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