How to increase the value of an amazon business

So there are a couple of ways to increase the worth of your amazon business and today we will touch on a few aspects you need to consider

1) The trend
Most sellers tend to sell their amazon business when things go wrong, the most important thing for an investor is the trend,
if the business shows a decrease in sales compared to previous years/months – you need to have a good explanation for that because for most investors this factor disqualifies the business from being a potential purchase.

2) Additional assets
An additional asset can be an asset that is generating profit or traffic and is included in the business but is not the main activity.
For example, it can be a mailing list, other platforms that the brand is selling on such as woo-commerce, Walmart, eBay, Shopify, and etc.
It can also be a social media platform on which the brand has a following and engagement such as a Facebook page, Instagram, youtube channel, or any other social media account.
Another additional asset can be a trademark, registered brand, patented product or design, and basically anything that makes your business or products unique and hard to copy.

3) Appearance & functionality
Any business is evaluated by the last 12 months of its activity and profit, even if in previous years it sold much more, for that reason – before you start working on selling the business, it is a must and actually the most important period to invest more in PPC in order to show the potential buyer a better net profit in the p&l (profit and loss) of the last 12 months.
Another simple but important tip is to update your listings images and copywriting to look better.

4) Honesty
It is very important to never lie or try to hide anything about the business, almost any buyer has their own tools and way to evaluate a business and they go deep into any aspect,
trying to hide information that makes the business looks bad won’t help and is not the way we do business here at trust the brokers.
Always stay honest but try to make the best first impression you can by not neglecting any aspect of the business.
At Trust The Brokers we specialize in connecting buyers and sellers of amazon businesses and other online businesses.
We are happy to be at your service – evaluating your business and providing a full service to sell your business at the highest price and shortest time possible.
And if you are looking to acquire an amazon business – We will find you the perfect asset to meet your needs.

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