About Us

Trust the Brokers was established by David Popovich, an entrepreneur and ecommerce expert with extensive experience in building and selling ecommerce brands. He is also the founder of the community- Ecommerce Entrepreneurs in Israel.

Our agency is the perfect solution for sellers and buyers of all kinds of digital assets/businesses. It supports and acts as a mediator for business owners who wish to sell their business or asset and earn a small or sometimes large fortune.

We’re not just a digital real estate agency, but a key part of the seller’s decision-making process. We’re there to help make the important choices of if, when, how much, and to whom to sell the asset.

In addition, we’re a trustworthy source for investors trying to decide where to invest their money, and which company and asset most suits their needs.

Due to our expertise and experience we are able to instill confidence in buyers that they are purchasing the right asset, at the right price for them.

We’re also an authority on supporting newbies in the field, to find information on courses and knowledge sources that will give them a jump start.

Please contact us through any means that you prefer on the site, and we‘ll happily help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

benny cmp
Benny Farber
Agency’s CEO
עומר סידי ברוקר אמזון
Omer Sidi
Amazon Department Manager
ziv cmp
Ziv Galitzki
SaaS, Content, Leads Department Manager
אוהד שפירא מנכל
Ohad Shapira
קורן שיטרית
Koren Shitrit
שי פרת
Shai Prat
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