Want to sell a digital asset?

How do you sell a digital asset?

If you’re reading this then you’re most likely interested in selling your asset or business… You may be wondering how many steps you will have to go through to close the sale, or feeling concerned about the complicated process ahead. So, let us quiet your concerns… with us as part of your team the process becomes quite simple.

To shorten the process and make it easier for you, our staff at Trust The Brokers has developed an efficient and quick sales process. Our goal is to simplify things and not waste your time with long drawn-out contracts, lengthy periods of exclusivity, nor unnecessary commitment.

We don’t have fancy offices in our company (perhaps only a few fancy zoom backgrounds 😏).

What we do have is a multitude of strong connections with people, investment funds, companies and organizations that value and trust us. Our credibility is what we’ll use to help you close the best deals, find buyers, and do business where both parties feel like they’ve won.

But remember, you are our customer; therefore, our goal is to close a deal at the maximum price. We’ll only profit from a successful sale!

Perhaps you’re not interested in selling through us, but would like to use our analysis service. We offer a unique Asset Value Check in which we analyze the value of external assets.

Now watch the video below and leave your info so we can get started!

Good luck!

Important Things to Know About Sales Commissions

One of the things that sellers most debate about, is whether to try and sell their asset alone or through a broker. Check out the informative video that we made on the subject.

A concern that often arises when considering a broker is the question of sales commissions. After watching the video, you’ll understand the benefit of working through us and see how the sales commission dwarfs in relation to the superior deal that we can obtain for you.

We only take payment if your asset is sold. So, no sale = no payment. That’s why we don’t accept just any asset.

  • For an asset of up to a million dollars the commission is 15% of the total amount.
  • For an asset of a million dollars and up the commission is 10% of the total amount proportionally.
  • Rental commission is the first month of rent or a minimum of 3000 NIS (or half a month if the tenant leaves after a month).
  • Leads sale transactions from a site are the first month or a minimum of 3000 NIS
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