Signing Up for Amazon Affiliate

Are you a content creator who wants to earn more? Do you have a website and are interested in sharing Amazon’s good news with everyone? Signing up for Amazon Affiliate is the key. If your answers to my previous questions are “yes,” you are in the right place. Everybody is interested in signing up for Amazon Affiliate, but they need to know where and how to start. If you have an already-existing website and want to double your income by creating content, it will be easier for you to earn money by signing up for Amazon affiliate. However, you also have to do something. Let’s start!

Before we proceed in Signing Up for Amazon Affiliate, let us know interesting facts about it.

Signing Up for Amazon Affiliate

What is an Amazon Affiliate?

If you’re a content creator and a blogger who owns a website, signing up for Amazon Affiliate is ideal for you. Amazon Affiliate is a marketing program where you advertise links to Amazon’s products on your website and earn a commission when someone purchases directly from your posted link.

What will be your task as an Amazon Affiliate?

In signing up for an Amazon affiliate, the task is simple! You’re only going to promote and advertise their products on your website. You will not disclose that you are paid by enabling it to your viewers. Since you are an influencer, your recommendations to prospective buyers matter. As much as possible, your website that will possibly draw clients should have a good track record of gaining customers’ trust.

How Much Money Will You Make with the Amazon Affiliate Program?

Your money in signing up for Amazon Affiliate depends on how many referrals you will get. You will have a commission or percentage per sale depending on the category of the products. Usually, it runs from 4.50% from each sale.

An average affiliate earns from $100 to $20,000, depending on your website’s function.

Why become an Amazon Affiliate?

There is passive income if you are going to sign up for Amazon Affiliate – you will earn money without much effort. Your post lets everyone see it, and you will receive your commission if they are convinced to purchase it.

Interesting, right? But there are more reasons why you should start Signing Up for Amazon Affiliate.


You will not pay a single cent to be accepted as an Amazon Affiliate.


You have the freedom to choose what kind of products you are going to advertise to your audience.


It’s your choice what content you want to cover, and you can customize the links for the products you advertise.

Now that you have good reasons for signing up for Amazon Affiliate, we will tell you how to become one and earn.

How to Become an Amazon Affiliate?

There are five simple steps you can follow in signing up for Amazon Affiliate. Before you start following these steps, ensure you already have a website with an originally uploaded and published post.

The more content you post on your website, the more chances you get accepted as an Amazon Affiliate.

Step 1: SIGN UP

Navigate to the Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program homepage. Once you’re there, you’ll click the yellow “SIGN UP” button, as shown in the picture below.

Once you’ve clicked the yellow “Sign Up” button, you will be redirected to “Sign In” or “Create your Amazon Account.”

If you already have an existing account, sign in with your email and password. However, if you don’t have one yet, click “Create your Amazon Account” and start filling out your details and information for registration.


After you create your account, you will be asked to provide your Account Information, including your full name, current address, and active contact number.

In addition to your Account Information, you should also provide your website’s address. You are also required to select Amazon to contact you to create your account, and you can save yourself as the payee.

Setting up your Profile is more about adding information about your website. You will start it by setting your “Associate ID.” It could be your name or your website. Your Associate ID will appear in the links you will be affiliated with.


Setting up your Profile is more about adding information about your website. You will start it by setting your “Associate ID.” It could be your name or your website. Your Associate ID will appear in the links you will be affiliated with.

You will also be asked to explain the following:

How do you drive traffic to your website?

There are many ways you can send traffic to your website. Here are the following:

  • You can pay for advertising such as google ads and any social media ads to let your target audience see your website.
  • You can do social media marketing, wherein you will promote your website through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and many more.
  • You can also build partnerships with other influencers and collaborate with them in making your content attract new followers.

How do you utilize your websites to generate income?

Here are some ways you can increase your income:

  • You can start your own business and create an income that will grow over time.
  • Aside from business, you can also buy a property and have it for rent. It will serve as a passive income.
  • Pay all your debts because the interest you are paying from your debt will generate more opportunities to have an income.

How do you usually build links?

Here are the strategies you can follow for building links in signing up for Amazon Affiliate.

  • Your content should be high-quality content. Find ways to let people like your content and proceed in wanting your links.
  • You can also reach out to guests and other websites to link in your content.
  • Share your content on different social media platforms and you can also ask them to share your link.
  • Build relationships and connections with other website owners.

What is your primary reason for joining the Amazon Associates Programme?

Amazon is known to be the largest e-commerce platform in the world. Hence, there are more products and services available to promote. The primary reason why bloggers, social media influencers and anyone who owns a website starts signing up for Amazon Affiliate is that they want to earn a commission.

How did you hear about the Amazon Affiliate Program?

Most people learn or hear about signing up for an Amazon Affiliate Program through online research and advertisements on any social media platform.


This step will ask you to write your payment details and information, but you can fill out the details later and skip the process.

Within 180 days, if you cannot sell at least three purchases, your application for Amazon Affiliate will be withdrawn.


Once your account is ready, go back to your account and head to the Amazon Associates home page. Also, remember that you must put a disclaimer on your website to avoid getting banned from the Amazon Affiliate Program.


Joining and starting to sign up for Amazon Affiliate Program has always been challenging, and it’s free and easy.

Just note the following summarize steps:

  • Sign Up for an Account
  • Write Your Personal Information and Your Website
  • Set-up Your Profile
  • Choose Your Preferred Payment Option
  • Create Your Affiliate Links

If you want more information about the Amazon Affiliate Program, check out Trust The Brokers. They will make things easier for you!

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